The Drink

I. VANILLA ABSINTHE (at least a month in advance)


250ml absinthe (any kind that doesn’t contain artificial green colouring)
3-5 clean vanilla bean husks, more if pressed in time

a clean glass jar with a sealed lid

Place the vanilla beans in a clean jar and add absinthe. Close the lid well. Place in a dark and dry place, like the back of a pantry, and let it sit for a month or two (or three or four, but it will turn into a vanilla extract after that). Take the jar out once every two weeks to give it a good shake. The absinthe is ready when it turns a dark amber colour and smells of fragrant vanilla and anise.





Vanilla absinthe
Sugar cubes
Ice cold water
Baileys or Irish cream
Ice cubes

an absinthe spoon
a tumbler glass


Pour 1/4 oz absinthe in the tumbler. Place the absinthe spoon over the glass and a sugar cube over the spoon. Slowly drizzle 3/4 oz ice water over the sugar cube to melt it in the drink. The absinthe should cloud. Add 1 oz of Bailey’s and and two ice cubes to finish the drink.


The Heresy (delicious, delicious heresy):
Pour 1/4 oz of absinthe in the glass. Add a teaspoon of sugar and an ice cube. Swirl the absinthe in the glass to melt the ice and dissolve the sugar. The drink will cloud this way too. Once the ice has melted, add 1 oz of Baileys and two ice cubes to finish.




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